AuthorTopic: How to build your own Album in the Gallery  (Read 2573 times)

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How to build your own Album in the Gallery
« on: February 08, 2012, 08:09:13 AM »
1st) Click on "gallery" in the navigation bar.

2nd) Above the pictures you see, you should see "My Albums", Click on it.

3rd) Now if you look down just a bit to the left, you'll see "New Album", Click on it.

4th) Where it says "Name", this is the name you are giving your album.

5th) Leave "owner" alone, the software should be using your name by default.

6th) Where it says "Description", this is where you describe what we are seeing. Don't change any other settings in this block.

7th) Now scroll down to where it says "privacy", and put check marks where it says "Check all"

8th) Nothing else to do, just scroll down and click "submit"

9th) After the page refresh's, you should now see your new album. Click on "Add an item to this album".

10th) click on "gallery" in the navigation bar.

11th) Where you see "Home - Albums", click on Albums.

12th) Now you will see a bunch of folder options, 20s Rat Rods, 30s Rat Rods, on one of the options.

13th) Where it says "Add an item to this album", click on it.

14th) Fill in the "Title" with the name, year, whatever of your picture.

15th) Fill in the "Description" box. Basically just describe what we are seeing.

16th) Go to: File to upload and click on "browse", locate the image on your computer, and double click the image you want on your computer.

17th) Nothing else to do other then click "Submit"
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