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New heart for my 64 rat 385 stroker B&M 177 blower at only 6psi. Boost. It should push my 3100 lb truck around just fine. It should be all kinds of fun
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Posted by Bad64
Dec 07, 2018
in 60s Rat Rods
My 64 rat daily driver
Wow need to cut the grass but here is my girl 1964 rat truck that I drive everyday to work and use for a recovery vehicle for my motorcycle shop. The Hoosiers ar a new thing tired of spinning. I bought the truck 4 years ago with the paint that’s on it but that’s all that’s still on from then. I have…
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Posted by Bad64
Sep 11, 2018
in 60s Rat Rods
Ernies Tin Bar for a cool one!
Been drivin' it for over a year now!
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Posted by Bobaluma
Aug 26, 2018
in 40s Rat Rods
IMG 0175
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Posted by hogrider208
Jan 20, 2018
in pontiac
IMG 0189
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Posted by hogrider208
Jan 26, 2018
in pontiac

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IMG 6532
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Posted by Sickmind
Jul 03, 2016
in Twisted Tractor
Spotlight, headlights, marker lights
Title pretty much covers the description
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Posted by hotwheels
Jun 21, 2011
in 40s Rat Rods
suspension 3 2014 004
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Posted by svcmcb
Mar 30, 2014
in 20s Rat Rods
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Posted by gemnewt
May 14, 2014
in Woodrow
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 Rating: 4.96
Posted by JHood
Mar 08, 2014

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