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Title: Chopping the top on a '55 F-100
Post by: helo-tech on November 03, 2014, 06:39:50 AM
Hey guys, I was on here a while back when considering my build but ran into titling issues so I gave up. well now I've picked up a '1955 F=100 cab with a good title (woo-hoo), one of the first things I want to do it chop the top but I've never done it before, it looks pretty straight forward but was wondering about the A pillars, I'm sure they will need to be "re-angled" due to the already lean of them, does anyone have any advice or resource for doing this they'd like to share with me?

Title: Re: Chopping the top on a '55 F-100
Post by: 55 irrational harvester on November 03, 2014, 08:39:25 AM
In my r100 7 inch chop I just marked with tape both cut lines (roof and doors still mounted) and triple checked. braced it up big time with rebar, cut roof off, cut roof in half again above passengers. The vertical pillars from the door were reused (modified) as the horizontal door window pieces that are now needed because front of roof is lower and more forward than before. The same goes for the a pillar pieces ( reuse them to extend the horizontal roofline at the drip rail). Basically as you chop the roof and reset it you now have a butt crack in the middle to patch up , cover with a soft top , , sunroof style it, or do a proper metal patch. Other option is to v notch base of a pillars and bend them rearward and NOT cut roof in half in the beginning. I think if you look close at your back of cab that it is not vertical. the cab roof will move rearward slightly no matter what - causing you to be creative.
Title: Re: Chopping the top on a '55 F-100
Post by: lowboy on November 03, 2014, 11:22:20 AM
I used a donor vehicle and cut the pieces i needed from it think the pics on here somewhere I'll look if not I'll try to find them and post them found them http://www.ratrodnation.com/forum/rat-rod-builds/boog-bug-build/msg16400/#msg16400 (http://www.ratrodnation.com/forum/rat-rod-builds/boog-bug-build/msg16400/#msg16400) kinda give you an idea