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Brake pedal/Master cylinder options

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I am looking for a pedal/master cylinder setup for my rat. I bought a setup from ez tbucket but it is too big....anyone know of any small setups that work good? I can use this one but will have to cut my cowl and the pedal bracket will stick out wouldn't be pretty but I am looking at that as an option

just old:
you have any pic of it

just old:
how did you mount your shocks . do you have any pic of the master cylinder set up .

I dont have any good pictures of it at the moment. Fo now I have bit the bullet and ordered a wildwood reverse swing pedal setup and see if that will fit.....I hope it does but it was 2.5 times the money

just old:
I bought a master. Cylinder and I am going to try to build and under the floor set up


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