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Radius rods? Rack and pinion

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I just started getting my solid axle front end mounted. Anyhow I was asking at what degree to tilt the axle back on a Facebook site and posted a picture......after getting several good answers on my question I had some comments about my "hairpins". I have made them out of 11ga 1" square tubing and one guy says they will fold up on the first bump. I did ask a guy who is a structural engineer and he seems to think they are sufficient but wanting some more opinions. Also I had modeled my front end setup after a local guy heres rat rod that uses a chevy cruise rack and pinion mounted to the frame behind his suicide spring. They also told me that was immediate trouble but his truck has been great for a few years like this. I really don't want to start completely over with my front end but man they beat me down. I don't want to be unsafe but this felt like I posted to the H.A.M.B.

Your tubing looks adequate, but you should put another piece of tubing into the assembly at an angle to give your radius rods some geometric stability.  I would also recommend that you go to heavier grade heim joints and clevices like used in drag racing suspension.  The steering rack should be mounted so that it is level with the point where tie rod ends attach to the spindles with the vehicle sitting at the level it will ride at when the car is completed.  This will prevent "bump steer". Try to keep the rack assembly as close to straight from tie rod end to tie rod end  in every plane.  ALSO!!  Be sure to install a "panhard" bar or other locator to keep your axle assembly from moving horizontally, (side to side).

Yes I had thought of a few angle pieces to kind of "triangulate" it. I honestly just picked my heims and rod ends off what I was seeing from off the shelf stuff speedway recommends. Thanks for the input on the rack that is the same line of thinking I was on with it. The gentleman that has it seems to really like it says it is alot more stable than his cross steer setup was. Appreciate the input

Hey man, way above my head. I'm just responding because I noticed your comment about the "H.A.M.B." I come here for information too, and not to try and have a "smartest guy in the room" competition. I won't say much more than that, but it too was vibe I got when I tried to be a contributor on that forum. Hopefully some day I can post something interesting enough to get commented on.LOL everybody likes recognition, that is why we do what we do. I like being able to share and contribute if I(we) can. Thanks, MATTSIXX.

Matt, I didn't post that to badmouth them i see some good info on there but would never post because I have seen the responses that some get if they are not up to their standards. Again not all are like that and some people with very good info on there. But that is what my Facebook post was like when I asked about what angle to set my axle back. After Blackwater post and emailing the structural engineer we have at where I work I think I will use the hairpins I built and will probably add a few more supports between the tubes. I just wanted to get an opinion from here as well as the ones I got from people I know local.


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