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 I have a 1951 Chevy truck with stock straight axle but it has spindles off a 49-54 car. Im looking for a disk brake kit that will fit.  All the kits I find either needs stock spindles or don't work with straight axle.  Does anyone know if the car kit will fit or will I need to go back to stock spindle.     

just old:
I no when I was going through the same thing I called speedway and talk to a tec guy there to figure out the best way to go . they were very helpful
but I needed everything from the king pin out , but it works fine

I will try to call them. All of their kits I see say not for straight axle tho. That's what's throwing me off.

just old:
my axles is straight also and mine came from speedway . it is chevy with a king ping for a 34 ford truck I will send a pic of it hope this help

Thanks for the pic. I'm going to call speedway and see what they say. They might change the kit to make it work. I just do want to change spindles again I just put them on.


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