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Frame tolerance

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Got my frame built....i did not have a jig or an acorn table to weld it on so the garage floor it is.....its within an 1/8" of being square probably a 1/16" really and the heights etc. For my kickup all seem correct but I have a substantial rock from front to back corners like 9/16". Should I worry about that? I do think it is amplified a little by where the finished frame is sitting on the concrete floor but it has pulled  from welding none the less.

just old:
I would run a string line or something straight on the floor to check it for level as best you can .
you could put a good piece of angle iron on the rail it self and see if it is straight .
the 1/8 of and inch will not hurt any thing because when your suspension is put on you will need to make everything sq then .
were you step up the frame in the front are you going to gusset the top and bottom for reinforcrement ?
the frame looks good

It will get fish plates on sides and gusseted on the bottom......we are swamped at work so waiting on  the engineers to draw up all my brackets and gusset so I can have them waterjetted.in the mean time I set the cab on and axles around it to get some motivation.

just old:
what are you using for spring in the front . looks like you have a plan

It's a "suicide" front end with a 31" reverse eye spring.......looks like the bottom of the cab will be about 7.5" from the ground anyone think that's too much I really don't want to channel it


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