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Paint to look like rust??

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The body for my rat is not of my making. Many panels are fabricated out of galvanized sheet metal and then covered with a light layer of plastic filler, (BONDO)!!  If I was that industrious, I'd strip it and leave the metal showing, but I'm not, and so I'd like to smooth it up a little and then paint it to look like bare metal with surface rust in places. Much of what I've done myself is in raw metal and I intend to clear a lot of that as well. There are parts of the car that will have some faded paint and I have a few spots the are rusted through in places where I'd like to leave it that way. A final coat of satin clear when it's all looking the way I want it is the goal!! I may even leave a little Bondo showing in a couple of spots.

Somebody has to have the answer to my situation. Paint combinations, products, processes, I'm looking for it all!!


The resto rust is done with a brush also seen it done with an airbrush
 Eastwood makes a satin clear http://www.eastwood.com/paints/rat-rod-paints.html
I haven't used either Been wanting to clear the Boog Bug. Used the peroxide salt method on Josh's A

I HATE fake patina, but I realize that sometimes it's necessary to blend non-rusty parts of a body to match rusty parts.
My '28 sedan body came in two halves - the front rusty, the back painted in light grey primer. That looked stupid together, so I painted the rear to match the front. This was done simply with Rustoleum Brown Primer rattle-can from Home Depot. Here are a couple of photos - I challenge anyone to tell the real rust from the painted rust:

I can't tell. Looks like natural rust to me.

Thanks, fellers!!  Some good ideas there. I found an iron based paint that uses an activator and actually rusts the paint!!  Real rust!!

I can use all of these techniques in one place or another!!! Y'all got lots of useful info that I can make work.   8)


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