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1922 Mack truck


The Joshua Tree National Monument is 11.5 miles from my home and another 20 minutes to the Keys Ranch,
this is a 1922 Mack truck that Bill Keys owned.
The Keys Ranch is the prime example of early settlement in the Joshua Tree National Park area. Bill Keys was the area's leading character, and his ranch is a symbol of the resourcefulness of early settlers. The ranch is an extensive complex of small frame buildings built between 1910 and Keys' death in 1969. Keys pursued both ranching and mining to make a living in the desert.
If your interested just Google Keys Ranch and you can see all sorts of old mining equipment, vehicles and such.
I think rat rodders would be kids in a candy store with all the stuff this man collected. Unfortunately non of it is for sale.

Wow that is so kool on many ways Original :o...Blown big block with the chain drive :P Ratted small block 8)

What a great photo.

I don't think i would rat rod that out, i would look at some sort of a restore.........that is amazine.

I agree that the Mack deserves total restro.


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