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I thought I would share some low buck tips fell free to join in. First my hose reel drill some holes in the bottom for drainage the inside holds your accessories the outside holds the hose.

Great idea for a thread, and I might give the hose reel a try.
I will try to think of some of the ideas I can throw in here, and will look forward to some others.

The fan shroud off of the 64 had been laying around for some time. So with this new house it has been converted to a water hose reel.


With my new smaller shop I took a hose reel welded some square tubing to it to span the rafters so the hose is always close at hand and all my hoses have a brass tee with a small brass pepcock and I never have to look for a blow gun its not in the way ever and I wouldn't have a hose without it. Its an air tank drain small and super tough.

LOL, that is pretty kewl.


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