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Title/bill of sale and vin


Mr E:
My first post. Did not see a legal section.
I got a ford frame with motor and axles at a swap meet a few years ago with a bill of sale. Recently I went to get a title for it. The aplication was rejected because that vin is on a title already in the system. Seems the title went with the body. So what can I do now?

I could be wrong but I think that your answer may be different in every state. AND we be nation wide.
That is probably the first question.

As Grandpa said, the regulations vary from state to state, so knowing what state you’re dealing with is the first question.  I had to go through a specialist when titling Lockjaw, my first rat rod.  It’s built on a Nissan pickup frame and made from items off of a dozen other vehicles.

Another important question is, what year vehicle is your chassis from? It matters in some states and some vehicles didn’t have VINs on the chassis or body.  Model T and A Fords were titled by a number on the engine.  That causes problems in some states where the original engine is not available.

What body are you planning to use? You may be able to title the vehicle using the VIN from the body.

Finally. You may be able to obtain assistance from your state DMV.  Ask questions, a lot of questions!  I found folks that walked me through the process at the DMV by carefully explaining what I was doing and seeking solutions.  They were helpful and I actually made a couple of new friends!

Mr E:
I am in Arkansas. 1938 ford frame I got from Kansas with a bill of sale. I dont know what body it will be I have not got that far. But it will be a ford close to 38. Depends on what I can find.


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