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Registration advice in PA


Hello all,   
  I’m in Bucks County, and currently have a street-legal sandrail currently on the road titled/ registered as a ‘specially constructed vehicle’. I want to convert it over to a Rat Rod and need advice on steps to get it done. Not looking to skip any legal steps,  ut not looking for another two year fight with PennDOT either.


We need pics to get an idea of what ya' got so's we can offer advice!!  I'd recommend starting a thread down on the "Builds" forum.

You can often get a good idea or two from other folks' projects!  Ask questions and show us what your ideas are!!  We're a friendly bunch and most are really glad to help!!  I'm heading out on vacation this morning and won't be back 'til next Monday, but there's lots of people here to offer advice.  Ya' just hafta' wake 'em up from time to time!!

Once again!! Welcome, from middle Tennessee


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