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Anyone have any idea if the headliner or sound dampening material behind it on a 38 chevy pickup would contain asbestos? I hadn't really thought about it and began tearing what was left out now concerned that is a possibility and think I may send it to get tested.

I wouldn't worry about it myself as it's so little unless you have a health problem. The clutch and brakes all contained asbestos back then. And if they do find it you'll have to explain where it came from and have the EPA looking close. I don't want big brother anywhere near here or me!

I wondered the same thing and I do not have health issues but I do have a 6 yeae old boy that will be all over that truck. That concerns me some.

Talked to a guy at an environmental clean up company next to work (luckily he was a car guy and a rat rod guy) he said he would look at it and see what he thought and if we sent it off I would be the only one to see the results

just old:
it would seem you could google it and see what material that was made from when made . if you are removing it and can use water you could spray it real heavy to stop the dust from becoming air born clean were it may have been stuck to the body , try vacing everything up real good . if you still think there can be a problem they have spray product to encapsulate  the material .


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