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big favor to ask east tn folksi

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I have a big favor to ask anyone in the knoxville /loudon county area.I know im new and stuff but I was wondering if anyone with a truck and trailer could pick up my 50 international truck cab and front end in luttrell tn and bring it to my house in lenoir city.i would pay for your gas and food and stuff.i know its a long shot but i really want to get my project to the house.thanks for any help.

Anyone? Its the time of the year for giving lol.id like to get it this weekend so I could start on it.

Greybeards Customs:
wish I could help . doug did post it on face book also , maybe that will help .

Thank you for your help sir

You may end up having to rent a u-haul trailer and truck. If i were closer i would damn sure help ya out, but wyoming is a looong ways away.


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