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Metal brake/sheer/slip roll and a bead roller

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Well here are a couple of the new shop tools i bought today, 1. 40" brake/shear/slip roll 2. Bead Roller

Greybeards Customs:
New tools (toys) to play with ! That is always fun .

Heck yea, i already made a small piece of rolled metal for the 35 ford and it was awesome........

Greybeards Customs:
I spent half a day just playing with my slip roll , just making stuff to see what all it will do . The coolest thing was a beveled trans tunnel . The next thing you need is a shrinker and stretcher for sheet metal .

I saw a couple of those at one of the stores i was at today and they are definitely on my list of tools. As well as a plasma cutter, a 7 ton 2 post lift, etc............


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