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F1/F100 front end SOLD!!!

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I have a complete front axle and suspension out of a middle fifties Ford pickup. It has disc brakes and all new rod ends and joints.  New springs are included. Pics of the axle and the brake setup are below.  I didn't pull the springs down, so no pictures of them.  They're SPRINGS!!  We all know what springs look like. They ARE painted nicely and may include shackles.

 I pulled this out of a '56 Ford pickup that we installed a C4 Corvette front suspension and steering in.  The guy who owned the truck had just had the entire suspension and steering restored and didn't like the ride or the lack of power steering when he got it back.

I was going to use it in a gasser project, but time and other projects have put the kibosh on that!!  I'll take $850.00 for it or we can talk trade for something I might use or might like!!  Everything is negotiable...

just old:
I have that same set up on the one I am building now

It's really good stuff and I feel like it's a DAMNED good price for all that's there!!  I'd like to sell it.  It would free up a little space AND free up a little cash too!!  Like I said, it was professionally restored!!

Still there for somebody that needs it!!

I'll give you a $1.29 if you deliver it and pick up the steel laying by my garage ;)


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