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Any rodders around Sedalia Mo

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The Gassin Nebraskan:
New to the page and I haven't built a rat rod before so I was hoping there was someone close by so I could pick your brain and look at what you made for ideas. :D

I'm Southeast of St Louis about an hour or so. Steelfest is coming to St Louis soon. It's a show you definantly need to make! http://www.ratrodmagazine.com/single-post/2016/07/01/September-Shapiro-Steelfest-Hawg-Pit-BuildOff-Weekend
This is last years advertisement. Also on Facebook under https://www.facebook.com/events/1800372226841389/ If you go to Grafton go early as the show starts early. We were late last year. KILLER TIME!!!! We got a motel and stayed so we could be at the Steelfest early as good spots go FAST !! Sam feeds everybody for free. Just donate to Wounded Warriors. We haven't missed but 1 since it started. It was the very first one and it was raining.

that facebook had a lot of great pics........it looked like the bug didnt have the mail box scoop.......is that before????

No it's had the scoop for many years. I can't find that picture

this one.......... says 2014


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