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57 studebaker truck

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What's the best wiring harness to use for my truck

It kinda depends on what you mean by "best." 

The best quality is probably Painless, but they are expensive. I like them because all the wires are really long and are smaller diameter so they're easier to route and bundle.

For great quality at a discount I like to use EZ Wiring.  I believe they also manufacture the Speedway wiring harness so they're pretty much identical. Great color-coded and labeled harness, but I invariably have to lengthen some of the wires to reach where they go.

It never hurts to buy the kit that has more circuits than you require cuz you can just tuck the extra wires away and they'll be there in the future if you ever want to upgrade your accessories.

Ok that's good info thank you

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Agreed, EZ is a good harness for the money.

Ok cool

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