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1930 ford model A tudor


I recently bought a 1930 model A tudor near complete but I am only going to be using the body. The original frame, 4 cylinder engine , trans and rear end and brakes ALL ORIGINAL have been blasted and painted. Is anyone interested in the car for the frame and drive train?

I know many will disagree with me but there are so many Model A bodies still floating around out there that it would be a shame to part out a sedan that is as nice and complete as yours.  Hell, just sell it and buy a finished hot rod - it's always cheaper to buy a finished car than to build one.

Agree, sell it to a guy that wants to finish restoration, trying to get $$ out of the running gear is an uphill battle, and there is another body around the corner.  Can't count storage as a cost of the car, it's a cost of your situation sorry.  Cornfield's customs runs across bodes that will work, he's a good builder, and on this site.  Just my two penny's worth.  Lot's of different ways to go with the new engine, old school 302, or other V-8 is always good, newer stuff may be found on the local Craig's list.  I understand the desire for big HP, but you are not going to wind up much cooler or fast than an old style V8 or even a neat looking straight six.  The ride you showed us as your dream car will most likely not sell for what it cost to build.

I have to agree, sell it complete and let someone restore it. Take that money and buy something close to being finished or finished. Then if you want, you can sell the completed one, and buy something to build from the ground up if you want and you'll have cash to do so....


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