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chopper york:
nostalgia nats next weekend,usually a good event with some really good cars,its good to watch some old tin thrashing up the strip,just got to hope that the sh*te weather clears up..no more p*ssin rain!!

some piccs http://jalbum.net/en/browse/user/album/475760/

Sure like to see some photos of this if ya go.

chopper york:
some more piccs of bottrop,looks like its rained ??? so no racing i guess,you can follow the event on facebook...next year thats for sure!!!

chopper york:
well after a downpour fri night saturday turned out great,some great racing and of course drinking..just a few piccs of random stuff that caught my eye.

chopper york:
hope the link works,a quick vid the wife done at the weekend...


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