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SOLD after 13 years. My '68


sold this in april of 2012.'68 corvette-all original-327-350 hp-4speed.What did I buy with the money? You guessed. My'31 ratrod. But my '31 does have a 283cid from a 1958 corvette powering it down the road.Hated to part with my '68 though.Second pic' is the night we loaded it up for the new owner. I just wanted to hug it one more time.

Dang that had to be kind of heartbreaking............beautiful vette.

Och. I felt that one. At least the 31 has the heart of a Vette.


Greybeards Customs:
You will have more fun in the '31

It's new knowledge for me. I have read this content, it leaves me wondering about this.


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