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Well it looks like the trend is rattle can for me.. This is from the early 80's. 210 workman's wagon powered by a Nailhead with 2 spd glide. Fast yes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. After connecting with a guard rail in winter I reluctantly sold the wagon to a guy in Pryor. This is another that I would love to get back. Would like to find out if it is still in tact and available.


i had a 66 chevelle ss clone that i sold minus the motor to a "friend" that never changed the title over and then he got stoned and wrapped it around a pole and i dam near had to pay for that pole wish i had it back now

Ya don't we all wish that we had the hind sight to have kept most of what has gone through our hands. Some I don't mind, but there are a few that hold a special place. Say from 56 to 59.


Totally agree........that's why i keep all my mustangs.

Greybeards Customs:
I still have my first ride , a '53 chevy truck that I bought when I was 14 , that is 35 years for those of you that are counting .  ;D


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