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chopper york:
What a Blast,we set out from middle England wednesday morning having to navigate our way around the worlds largest car park the M25 London orbital,made our way down to Dover for the ferry to Calais(France) after a breakdown with one of the roadsters(chevy 350 rocker stud snapped)and a pull from the old bill(cops) for no fenders,wrong registration(registered as a 1950s ford anglia) we were at the ferry,an hour and a half later we was on foreign land and unable to speak the lingo,we made our way to the hotel after all getting lost in calais plus driving on the wrong side of the road we thought we deserved a beer or two.
The following morning feeling like shit and in the rain we set out for Chimay(Belgium)half an hour later the sun came out and we felt great.no problems other than getting used to driving on the wrong side and having to pay to use some of their roads we made it on thursday afternoon,we was the first club on site and the place was empty.
Friday morning and it started to fill up rapido and by the afternoon it was packed..
sat was hot so we drank beer,cant remember much else but took photos..they ran the mooneyes dragster down the track and crashed it!!
sunday it rained all day and was a washout..
all in all a brilliant show,had a great time cant wait till next year.
the drive home was uneventfull exept on of our club lost his drive,transmission gave up.
anyhow hopefully here's some piccs..

chopper york:
A vid of us on the way down

Some excellant old iron. Sounds like you all could had the help of the "Tardas"?


Nice rides, in any part of the world.
Jag v-12 in the A?

Wow, that is freakin kewl..........damn nice rides.


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